The UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, is investing £8.4m in additive manufacturing altogether.

3T is leading three of the collaborative research projects and working as a partner in three further projects.
One project 3T is involved with aims to improve the surface finish of orthopaedic implants, such as hip replacements, while another is looking to produce new powders in order to make coloured components – giving designers much more creative scope. A third is working towards production of an innovative hydraulic servo valve.
A number of the projects look to mechanise areas of pre- and post-production. Another project will develop software that automatically creates the necessary build supports for metal AM production and a further project will develop an automated system for laser polishing and electrochemical machining of parts after they come out of the AM build chamber.
“By supporting additive manufacturing, the government-backed Technology Strategy Board is making a welcome investment in the future of UK manufacturing,” said Ian Halliday, 3T’s CEO. “This funding allows us to expand our established research and development team.”