The US Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), part of the Department of Energy, has organized a workshop on the dynamics of powder spreading for metal additive manufacturing (AM).

According to the office, the goal of this workshop is to identify research leading to a better understanding and control of powder feedstock and powder-bed uniformity for metal AM, and identify how improved understanding and/or modeling of deformation and flow of precursor powder materials can have the greatest impact on eventual powder-bed-fusion part qualification.

The 1 1/2-day invitation only workshop will take place in Austin, Texas, from 10–11 y following the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium.

Parties interested in being included on the invitation list for this workshop, please send an email to Wayne E King at and include ‘#PowderDynamicsWorkshop’ in the subject line. Participants should have experience with modeling and simulation of metal powders for AM, practical experience with powders for metal AM including flowability, spreadability, stratification, the effects of particle size, particle size distribution, and particle morphology, as well as knowledge of the recycling and re-use of powders and of the effects of environmental conditions.

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