The ColdAb Series 4 system delivers industrial-scale PLD coating production of four-inch wafer sizes, including delivery of substrates to the pre-clean chamber and to the main coating chamber. The deposition chamber uses the patented ColdAb process which enables large-area thin-film coating deposition using a high frequency picosecond laser. This has not been possible before at this scale, as conventional PLD has lower growth rate compared to the ColdAb process, Picodeon says. 

The benefits of the cold ablation process are a smooth and particle-free surface, while the target material’s stoichiometry may be fully transferred to the thin-film on the substrate. The system provides multi-layer deposition capability for a wide variety of materials including oxides, metals, and several composites. In future, it may be possible to deposit precious metals such as gold and oxides for the semiconductor and sensor industries.

The Picodeon ColdAb Series 4 thin film deposition system was developed in cooperation with PVD Products of Wilmington, Massachusetts.

The first ColdAb Series4 system will be available in January 2014.