Machine tool specialist Mazak has introduced a 3D printer that provides both additive and subtractive capabilities. Using a multi-laser deposition system, the INTEGREX i-200S AM (additive manufacturing) can turn, mill and drill and also build part features and perform laser marking all on the same machine, the company says.

The INTEGREX i-200S AM is suitable for aerospace components, metal cladding for chemical plant valves and the repair of dies and turbine blades. It can also be used for the production of mid-size complex components.

The machine features two turning spindles, milling turret and dual laser cladding heads/additive manufacturing nozzles that provide options for both high and fine rates of metal deposition. The cladding heads reside in the tool magazine with the machine’s automatic tool changer that loads/unloads them into/from the milling turret as needed.

During operation, the INTEGREX i-200S AM uses fiber laser heat to melt the chosen metal powder that will be used to the grow near-net-shape 3D forms. Once the part features are grown to near net shapes, the INTEGREX i-200S AM then applies one or more of its advanced subtractive operations, including full 5-axis milling, turning, hobbing and contouring, to process the part complete.

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