3DX Industries Inc now plans to offer Nanosteel’s two new proprietary metal powders in its Binder Jet additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

BLDRmetal J-10 and J-11 are designed for components that operate in abrasive environments and parts made with BLDRmetal J-10 reportedly provide 2X the elongation and approximately 3X the wear resistance and impact toughness of an equivalent 420 stainless steel matrix while those made with BLDRmetal J-11 provide 10X the wear resistance of a 420 stainless steel matrix in lower impact applications.

‘Offering this line of BLDRmetal powders brings the advantage of much greater durability in our printed components to our customer base,’ said Roger Janssen, president and CEO of 3DX Industries. ‘Critical working parts like pumps, impellers, rotors and turbines can all significantly benefit from these materials.’

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