Optomec, which supplies production-grade additive manufacturing (AM) systems, plans to feature its newest hybrid machine tool system with larger build volumes and higher power capabilities at the Formnext 2018 show, currently on in Frankfurt, Germany.

In its booth Optomec will run demonstrations showcasing simultaneous 5-axis metal printing and a single tool path for both additive and subtractive processes on the same machine.

The LENS 860 Hybrid CA system has an 860 x 600 x 610mm work envelope and comes with a hermetically-sealed build chamber that maintains oxygen and moisture levels below 10 ppm for processing reactive metals, such as titanium. It can be configured with closed loop controls and a 3kW fiber laser.

‘With the LENS 860, customers can print and mill and perform finished machining on a printed part all on the same system without refixturing or aligning the component on a second machine.’ said Opotmec LENS product manager Tom Cobbs.

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