LPW's PowderTrace hopper.
LPW's PowderTrace hopper.

LPW Technology Ltd, which makes metal powders for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, will be showcasing its PowderSolve software system and PowderTrace smart hopper at the TCT Show 2017, taking place in Birmingham, UK, from 26–28 September.

‘At LPW we’re aligned with the TCT Show’s mission to accelerate the adoption of 3D technologies for design, development and manufacture across all industry sectors,’ said Dr Phil Carroll, LPW’s founder and CEO.

PowderSolve and PowderTrace are both designed to monitor and control powder condition.

‘Knowing the condition of your powder at every step of the way helps avoid costly build failures,’ said Dr Carroll. ‘Combining PowderTrace’s smart transport and storage capabilities with PowderSolve’s ability to track powder history through different blends, repeated uses and different batches ensures traceability not only of the powder but also user actions and machine specifics, and the built parts.’

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