DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers, part of DowDuPont Specialty Products, has developed a new range of glass and carbon-reinforced filaments for 3D printing.

The company says that the new grades meet industry needs for stiffer and stronger materials, similar to existing reinforced injection molding grades.

The new materials include Zytel 3D12G30FL BK309, a black heat-stabilized 30% glass-reinforced polyamide with a modulus of 4-5GPA and Zytel 3D10C20FL BK544, a black 20% carbon fiber reinforced polyamide for lightweight components with a modulus of 4-5GPA. Both grades have a heat deflection temperature of >150°C, resistant to most solvents, cleaning agents, automotive fluids and fuels at room temperature.

‘[O]ur industrial customers need 3D printing materials that offer similar formulation, mechanical and chemical properties as our well-known injection molding grades,’ said Ernst Poppe, new business development manager, DuPont. ‘These new glass and carbon-reinforced 3D filaments are a new step in that direction to help the industry move toward cost-efficient, automated and larger scale production.’

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