Oerlikon Metco has developed a new multiprocess powder feeder, which can be fully integrated into a thermal spray, laser cladding or powder additive manufacturing (AM) system.

The Twin 150 can be operated in full remote mode, where the feeder’s functions are controlled by the user’s external control system, such as a robot or process controller, using UDP/IP or PROFIBUS protocols. It can also be used in stand-alone (manual operation) or remote on/off mode, where an external mechanism turns powder feeding on or off.

The Twin 150 model has two powder hoppers, which can be used independently or simultaneously. The company offers application-specific options for the Twin 150 feeder that allows the user to feed a wide-range of powders under a variety of conditions.

‘Owners of many types of powder-fed systems will benefit from the ability of the Twin 150 to fully integrate into their automated system by allowing them to simplify their processing with better process control,’ claimed Oerlikon Metco product line manager Omar Sabouni.

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