Sciaky Inc, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries Inc has supplied Airbus with an electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) 3D printer. The aircraft manufacturer will utilize Sciaky’s industrial-scale metal 3D printing system to produce large structural parts made of titanium.

The EBAM process combines computer-aided design (CAD), additive manufacturing processing principles, and an electron beam heat source. Starting with a 3D model from a CAD program, the electron beam gun deposits metal via wire feedstock, layer by layer, until the part reaches near-net shape.

‘Sciaky is very proud to partner with a world-class innovator like Airbus,’ said Bob Phillips, Vice President of Marketing for Sciaky, Inc. ‘We all know that metal 3D printing technology is going to revolutionize manufacturing in the aerospace industry, and Sciaky is committed to being at the forefront of this movement.’

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