Dr. Katalin Balázsi

Dr. Katalin Balázsi leads the Thin Film Physics Department of Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science, Centre for Energy Research and is President of Association of Hungarian Woman in Science(NATE).

Career orientation, mainly in technical fields, is challenging to navigate in Hungary. Teachers and parents have very limited information on career opportunities and potential future jobs. With this background, Dr Balázsi was the first in Hungary to adopt the ’Girls Day’ initiative, and for the last eight years had been running this in her lab. Her work on diversity takes secondary and high school students (aiming for 70%  participation from girls) into a real-life environment materials science enviroment to give them a grounding and insight into material science research. This grounding allows them to make informed decisions on their next course of study, or career choice.

Dr Balázsi is preparing a one year research program for young students, particuarly girls (aged between 16-18) with a focus on bioceramics. This research activity will by organized every Friday for three hours in her laboratory. Dr Balázsi feels that the most important task is to get the attention of high school  girls early and make research, science, engineering and mathematics appealing to them. They need support in their educational and career choices through the provision of mentoring and opportunities to gain practical experience.

Agents of Change Shortlist - Dr. Katalin Balázsi (Girls Day)