Gender-gap free solid state chemistry International School

Silvia Casassa and colleagues, University of Turin, Italy.

The Chemistry Department of the University of Turin (Italy) organizes an International School each year on modelling in solid state chemistry (

50 scientists from all over the world attend the School, 70% of whom are PhD and post-doc students.

For them, it is a great opportunity to get familiar with quantum-chemistry modelling of solid-state properties and to get acquainted with a program of general interest and applicability.

Unfortunately, only 15% of participants are women.

In order to promote and sustain the participation of women at the School we aim to:

(i)                 establish specific grants for female PhD and post-doc students;

(ii)               invite two senior female scientists to give talks of general interest in a session open to all the students of Turin University;

(iii)             advertise the School as a gender-gap free event to increase the awareness of the scientific community on this topic.

The gender gap starts in the early stage of academic careers and international learning approaches, devoted to young researchers, can make the difference