by Linhan Lin, Sergey Lepeshov, Alex Krasnok, Taizhi Jiang, Xiaolei Peng, Brian A. Korgel, Andrea Alù, Yuebing Zheng

Abstract: Chirality is a ubiquitous phenomenon in the natural world. Many biomolecules without inversion symmetry, such as amino acids and sugars, are chiral molecules. Measuring and controlling molecular chirality at a high precision down to the atomic scale that are highly desired in physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine, however, have remained challenging. Herein, we achieve all-optical reconfigurable chiral meta-molecules experimentally using metallic and dielectric colloidal particles as artificial atoms or building blocks to serve at least two purposes. One is that the on-demand meta-molecules with strongly enhanced optical chirality are well-suited as substrates for surface-enhanced chiroptical spectroscopy of chiral molecules and as active components in optofluidic and nanophotonic devices. The other is that the bottom-up-assembled colloidal meta-molecules provide microscopic models to better understand the origin of chirality in the actual atomic and molecular systems.

All-optical reconfigurable chiral meta-molecules