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We begin our latest selection of review articles with The matrix reloaded: the evolution of regenerative hydrogels, by Ali Khademhosseini and colleagues as they discuss review the evolution, strengths and weaknesses of developments from the perspective of creating tissue regenerating hydrogels. Next Shikai Deng and Vikas Berry considerWrinkled, rippled and crumpled graphene: an overview of formation mechanism, electronic properties, and applications, as the authors outline different aspects of wrinkle, ripple and crumples, including and the future areas of research for 2D corrugations and crumples. Shihe Yang et al. review recent developments in the synthesis and applications of transition metal-layered double hydroxides, including water splitting, CO2conversion, metal-air batteries and supercapacitors in Transition metal based layered double hydroxides tailored for energy conversion and storage. Finally, Jiaqing He and colleagues examine progress in the research of metal sulfides, particularly for binary metal sulfides such as Bi2S3, Cu2−xS, and PbS, in the context of thermoelectrics, in Low-cost, abundant binary sulfides as promising thermoelectric materials.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2016.03.016