The selective tumor- and bacteria-killing property is promising for biomedical implants in directly contact with tumor tissue but still presents a considerable challenge. In this study, a butyrate-inserted Ni–Ti layered double hydroxide film (LDH/Butyrate) is prepared on the surface of nitinol alloy via a simple hydrothermal treatment. The prepared film can selectively inhibit tumor growth and metastasis and bacterial infection by taking advantage of the overproduced H2O2 in tumor and infection microenvironments: the pro-tumor and pro-infection molecule H2O2 can be consumed by LDH/Butyrate, and cytotoxic butyrate inserted in LDH/Butyrate is subsequently exchanged out. Such a novel endogenous stimuli-responsive platform is expected to prevent tumor overgrowth, metastasis and bacterial infection and will find a promising application in the design of localized drug-eluting systems.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2017.05.001