Abstract: Realizing single-mode-lasing output while being able to dynamically select and regulate a specified resonant mode could bring revolutionary impact for laser technology, on-chip data communication, and optical sensing/switches. Here, we demonstrate a single-mode lasing achieved by the piezoresistive and piezoelectric polarization synergistic effect on an epoxy-encapsulated ZnO microresonator. Based on relative shifts of gain spectrum and the resonant wavelength, the lasing mode in a hexagonal ZnO rod can be selected and regulated dynamically within a certain range. The relationship between the corresponding applied strain and the tunable refractive index is analyzed in depth and discussed systematically. Our studies open up exciting avenues for constructing optical mode-phase modulator, high-sensitive optical switches and color-perceived optical sensing.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2018.12.001