Abstract: This work reviews fundamentals and the recent state-of-art achievements in the field of plasmonic biosensing based terahertz (THz) spectroscopy. Being nonpoisonous and nondestructive to the human tissues, THz signals offer promising, cost-effective, and real-time biodevices for practical pharmacological applications such as enzyme reaction analysis. Rapid developments in the field of THz plasmonics biosensors and immunosensors have brought many methodologies to employ the resonant subwavelength structures operating based on the fundamental physics of multipoles and asymmetric lineshape resonances. In the ongoing hunt for new and advanced THz plasmonic biosensors, the toroidal metasensors have emerged as excellent alternates and are introduced to be a very promising technology for THz immunosensing applications. Here, we provide examples of recently proposed THz plasmonic metasensors for the detection of thin films, chemical and biological substances. This review allows to compare the performance of various biosensing tools based on THz plasmonic approach and to understand the strategic role of toroidal metasensors in highly accurate and sensitive biosensors instrumentation. The possibility of using THz plasmonic biosensors based on toroidal technology in modern medical and clinical practices has been briefly discussed.

Terahertz plasmonics: The rise of toroidal metadevices towards immunobiosensings


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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2019.08.002