Abstract: A novel approach is introduced to synthesize multivalent, mesoporous metal oxides with high surface area using zero oxidation state precursors. Herein, the synthesis and comprehensive characterization of the metal oxides of s block, p block, transition metal, and lanthanide series elements are reported. Some of the synthesized metal oxides showed mixed phases at relatively low temperatures which is advantageous over single-phase materials. The initial metal dissolution process allows this method to be extended to any metal in the periodic table and metal alloys. A green and highly efficient catalytic sp2-sp2 C–C coupling reaction is carried out using high surface area MoO3 (142?m2/g) where complete conversion is observed within one hour.

A novel generalized metal dissolution approach for the synthesis of mixed valent mesoporous metal oxides
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2019.10.024