With the booming development of smartphones in our daily lives, the integration of advanced medical technologies and mobile health (mHealth) to manage disease has become an irresistible trend. To extend quality tumour treatment into our daily lives, an mHealth platform was developed by using ferroelectric BiFeO3 nanomaterials (BFO) modified with TAT peptide (TAT-BFO) and a smartphone-controlled wearable device. With the control of a wearable device, TAT-BFO could be enriched in tumour site via magnetic targeting, and then triggered to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) for efficient tumour therapy through temperature fluctuation. In both murine orthotopic breast tumour and resectable breast tumour models, this mHealth platform was demonstrated to inhibit tumour growth and prevent tumour recurrence significantly. Moreover, the transcriptomics and multiphysics simulation analysis further elucidated the working mechanism of the mHealth platform. This mHealth platform exhibits great potential for guiding daily-treatment and simplifying clinical treatment of tumours.

mHealth: A smartphone-controlled, wearable platform for tumour treatment

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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2020.07.004