Abstract: Advanced protein-based nanomaterials and nanosystems (PNNS) have attracted considerable scientific interest in recent decades due to their potential in bio-applications. Nowadays, the constructed PNNS exhibit different properties for various special applications based on the characteristics of different proteins. Herein, in this review article, a systematic summary and discussion focusing on designing multi-functional PNNS are presented. The latest developments in unique synthesis strategies and detailed classification of PNNS are reviewed. The functions of proteins in PNNS for biomedical applications, such as targeting proteins, carriers, enzymes, and fluorescent indicators, are summarized. Finally, the challenges and forward-looking perspectives of PNNS research are provided.

Protein-based nanomaterials and nanosystems for biomedical applications: A review
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2020.11.015