Abstract: Enzyme cascade reactions in biological systems can effectively improve the catalytic performances owing to their high local concentration, efficient mass transfer and reduced intermediate decomposition. However, the disadvantages of high cost, low stability, and easy inactivation limit their practical applications in harsh environments. Nanozymes as the substitutes for enzymes not only have enzyme-like activities but also possess high stability, tunable catalytic property, and high pH/temperature tolerance, which have been intensively investigated for the establishment of biomimetic catalysis systems. In this review, we first summarized the recent development of the construction and advantage of the nanozyme-involved cascade reaction system. Then, the biomedical applications of the nanozyme-enhanced biomimetic cascade catalytic systems, including biosensing, therapies and antioxidation, were highlighted in detail. Finally, current challenges and future perspectives for nanozyme-activated cascade reactions are discussed and outlooked.

Nanozyme-involved biomimetic cascade catalysis for biomedical applications
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2020.12.005