Abstract: X-ray detection has significantly applied in medical diagnostics, railway flaw detection, security screening, non-destructive testing in industrial products and quality inspection in food industry et al. Recently, as one of the alternative materials, halide perovskites show great potential in high-performance X-ray detector for their relatively high atomic number, superior carrier life-time produce, tunable band gap, and low temperature fabrication process. Accordingly, based on halide perovskite, some advanced and meaningful work was conducted, and corresponding performances of X-ray detector have reached a comparative height. Herein, we aim at systematically summarizing current progress on halide perovskite based X-ray detectors: (1) First, an introduction of background and key parameters is provided to understand the X-ray detectors clearly; (2) After that, we put an emphasis on the advanced work for various halide perovskites based X-ray detectors. Meanwhile, their optimized strategies and applications in imaging are presented; (3) Finally, the challenges remained and promising opportunities are also presented, for further boosting the performance of halide perovskites based X-ray detectors.

Halide perovskites for high-performance X-ray detector
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.01.028