Abstract: Solid-state Li-ion batteries (SSLBs) are promising next-generation energy storage devices with high energy density and enhanced safety. The solid-state electrolyte (SSE) is a key component for delivering the desired electrochemical performance characteristics. This article provides a brief review of the discovery, synthesis, structure, ion-conduction mechanism, and application of LGPS-type and garnet-type Li ion conductors as two representative SSEs, aiming to extract principles for the future design and discovery of favourable solid-state Li-ion electrolytes for SSLBs. Recent advances in strategies to address the SSLB challenges are also discussed. Finally, a perspective on the future research directions of SSLBs is provided.


Designing inorganic electrolytes for solid-state Li-ion batteries: A perspective of LGPS and garnet
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.03.013