Abstract: Dynamic DNA-based biomaterials have seen rapid growth with great potential for healthcare and biomedicine. They are notably benefited by programmability, biocompatibility, chemical synthesis/modification, and enzymatic manipulation of nucleic acids. In this review, the molecular basis and resources of DNA-based biomaterials are first summarized. Next, the current state of the art of the construction principles of stimuli-responsive DNA-based biomaterials are classified, predominantly highlighting the timely dynamic DNA-based biomaterials that interact with external, macroscopic, and molecular stimuli. Finally, the challenges are discussed and an outlook on this promising class of dynamic DNA-based interactive materials is given. Further development of such dynamic biomaterials with programmable and orchestrated functions for intelligent biomedicine is predicted.

Dynamic DNA-based biomaterials interacting with external, macroscopic, and molecular stimuli
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.04.010