Abstract: With the development of high energy density battery technology, layered transition metal oxide cathode materials, particularly Ni-rich layered cathodes of Li-ion batteries are urgently required due to its high energy density. However, Li/Ni intermixing inevitably occurs in Ni-rich cathode materials and affects the materials in terms of structure and performance. This review comprehensively summarizes the causes of Li/Ni intermixing and analyzes its inevitability due to ionic radius, Ni migration, magnetic interactions, and thermal stability. In addition, the effect of Li/Ni intermixing on materials is summarized, particularly its benefits, which have not yet been comprehensively examined. Finally, the methods for regulating Li/Ni intermixing that corresponds to its causes are presented in detail. This review can help researchers fully understand Li/Ni intermixing and propose solutions for the current shortcomings of Li/Ni intermixing research and directions for future studies.

Comprehensive understanding of Li/Ni intermixing in layered transition metal oxides
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.09.013