Stimuli responsive metal organic framework (MOF) materials, a subbranch of environmental functional materials, are widely used in many frontier domains owing to their special structure, prosperously open activity sites and reversible physicochemical characteristics. In this review, we highlight the response mechanisms and recent advances in the design strategy of stimuli responsive MOF materials capable of responding to environmental stimulus, such as light, temperature, pH, pressure, electricity, and moisture. The advanced application of various stimuli responsive MOF materials, including ion adsorption, carbon dioxide capture, drug delivery, ion transport, cargo loading and release, has also been introduced. In particular, despite the remarkable progress being made, stimuli responsive MOF materials in practical applications are still hindered by facing critical challenges. Hence, we also discuss in detail the future perspectives and expansion direction related to stimuli responsive MOF materials. We believe that this review will provide guidance for scholars to design more new stimuli responsive MOF materials to broaden the application range of such materials.

Stimuli responsive metal organic framework materials towards advanced smart application

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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2023.02.013