Characterisation is the connection between an abstract material model and its real world behaviour. Until recently,engineering materials could be characterised successfully using relatively simple testing procedures. As materials technology advances, interest is growing in materials possessing complex meso-, micro- and nano-structures, which to a large extent determine their physical properties and behaviour. The modelling of the material is becoming increasingly complex and it requires the use of complex numerical models. A trend is being established where characterisation proceeds through a combination of numerical modelling and experimental testing. The objective of this conference is to bring together researchers who use computational methods, those who perform experiments, and of course those who do both, in all areas of materials characterisation, to discuss their recent results and ideas, in order to foster the multidisciplinary approach that has become necessary for the study of complex phenomena. Topics of interest for this conference range from generic characterisation methods to damage assessment and application to particular materials. Of particular interest is the synergy between computational methods and experimental procedures.

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