Nanomechanical testing has led to numerous breakthroughs in materials science as well as a stronger understanding of materials behavior at the nanoscale. The February 25-26, 2010 Nanobrücken Workshop in Germany aims to bring together researchers from the international nanomechanical community in a forum that highlights both techniques and applications. We are pleased to announce today an outstanding lineup of keynote and invited speakers. We cordially invite you to attend and encourage you to participate with a contributed oral or poster presentation. Please see the attached documents for preliminary program information and further workshop details. This workshop covers a broad spectrum of nanomechanical testing techniques, applications, and materials. Appropriate topics include but are not limited to fundamentals of contact mechanics, onset of plasticity and fracture, characterization of soft biological materials and polymers, nanotribology, calibration and standards, and experiments in various environments such as controlled temperature and vacuum.

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