REXS2016 conference on resonant elastic x-ray scattering is the 3rd in a row after the very successful events in Aussois 2011 and the subsequent 
conference in Oxford 2013. 

The conference is aimed at stimulating interaction and discussion of scientists working in the field of hard condensed matter research with synchrotron radiation and using spectroscopy and scattering methods, that base upon resonance effects occurring close to the x-ray absorption edges.

Anomalous or resonant elastic x-ray scattering takes advantage of resonance enhancement of the scattered signal at the x-ray absorption edges and  associated polarization effects. Experiments in this area range from conventional anomalous scattering and resonant magnetic diffraction to the investigation of exotic multipolar order or nuclear resonant diffraction. In addition, at REXS2016 we would like to emphasize the intrinsic ties and complementarity between scattering and spectroscopic methods (XMCD) for the investigation of properties of hard condensed matter materials and would like to bridge the gap between the two communities both in the soft and hard x-ray regime.

The Conference will be held at DESY ( in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Accommodation will be provided in the nearby hotels. A limited number of hostel rooms will be provided free of charge for students.

Important Deadlines:
1 April 2016 Deadline Abstract submission
1 May 2016 Confirmation of approval of abstracts