One of the fundamental challenges of modern materials science is the development of new and improvement of the existing materials. To tackle this challenge, traditional methods as well as new approaches can be used. Non-equilibrium processing methods, such as magnetron sputtering, chemical vapor deposition, vacuum arc deposition, electric current-assisted sintering, thermal spraying and mechanical activation of powders are of great importance for the development of new materials and technologies.

Topics of interest of the Conference include, but are not limited to: 
- modern methods of coating deposition;
- thin films, production methods and properties;
- new synthesis methods and unique properties of nanostructures including nanoporous materials;
- advanced methods of compaction and sintering of powder materials;
- microstructural design of composite materials and coatings to achieve new levels of mechanical and functional properties;
- technological aspects of materials synthesis (including synthesis of nanostructured materials);
- synthesis of new inorganic materials; - modern theoretical approaches in description of nanostructures.