Following the motto "Together for a clean environment and trendsetting products“ Fraunhofer ISC organizes a workshop for industry. This workshop on biodegradable functional coating materials takes place in Würzburg on 6th December 2016. A guided tour of the well-equipped Center for Applied Analytics ZAA completes the program.

Fraunhofer ISC will present its latest developments on biobolymers and answer questions of users and manufacturers from the industry. With its new material class of bio-based and compostable hybrid polymers, the Institute provides a lasting solution to the global problem of persistent and environmentally hazardous plastic waste. This opens up new ways for the packaging industry to effectively address urgent environmental problems.

The novel hybrid material offers excellent barrier properties against water, vapor and oxygen. Enhanced packaging of bioplastics with bio-based coatings have the potential to equal the performance of conventional plastic packaging.

In the future, biopolymers will not only provide eco-friendly solutions for packaging. Application concepts include environmentally friendly applications for the automotive and railway sector but also innovative products for the high quality mass market.

In medicine and pharmacy, perspectives arise for sophisticated applications that require biocompatibility and antimicrobial functions. The experts talks about current scientific trends such as bodily barriers that could be copied or imitated using natural and synthetic biomaterials. Subsequent tests will then detect how drugs manage to overcome these barriers. Moreover, the mechanism of the body's own barrier functions might be transferred to other applications such as filtration systems.

Date: 6th December 2016
Start: 11:00 a.m. with registration
Registration: Online registration form
or per email
Closing date: 30th November 2016
Participation fee: 150,- € for the first person, 50,- € for additional persons of the

Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC
Neunerplatz 2
Würzburg, Germany