We are seeking an academic in the field of Biomaterials to help improve the publishing experience for authors. This is an ideal opportunity for a postdoc who is interested in getting more editorial experience and early insights into developments in the field alongside their research work.  In this role you will spend several hours (amount to be discussed) a week working alongside journal teams. You will evaluate content as a partner to editors, with the ultimate goal of providing a positive author experience.

You will help authors find homes for their manuscripts by using a new transfer service offered across Elsevier’s journals. The role will include responsibility for activities including:

  • Screening and assessment of manuscripts
  • Making recommendations and offering guidance to authors
  • Liaising with Publishers and Editors across journals

If you have an interest in such a role, and 

  • A PhD in Biology, Chemistry, Materials, or other relevant subjects of Biomaterials
  • An enthusiastic work attitude
  • A record of having published papers in scientific journals
  • Good communication skills and excellent written and spoken English 
  • A desire to serve and help researchers in the scientific and clinical community: authors, editors and reviewers

please reach out to Emma Xu (emma.xu@elsevier.com) straight away with a copy of your CV, a description of your interest in the role, and an estimate of your availability (hours per week).