Here's an exclusive for our Materials Today readers...the cover image from the journal Carbon, taken from March 2013 issue.

About the Image: Scanning electron micrograph of sequential 2D nucleation and polygonal faceted layer spreading on the {0001} basal plane of a single crystal graphite flake. The crystal, bounded laterally by {101l} and {112l} prismatic planes, formed during solidification of Ni 3.0 wt% C melt at a cooling rate of 55 K/s.

Carbon copy

Read more about the above cover image in the following article:

Nucleation and growth kinetics of graphene layers from a molten phase by Shaahin Amini and Reza Abbaschian Carbon Volume 51, January 2013, Pages 110–123

To see more, visit Carbon's homepage or take a look at the current issue here