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Symposium G: Integration of Biomaterials with Organic Electronics

2013 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

December 1-6, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The integration of organic electronics with biomaterials platforms using a bioinspired strategy has the potential to transform current paradigms in green technology and biomedical research. Biodegradable or biocompatible low-cost, large-volume devices will contribute to a vision of sustain-ability in plastic electronics. Biomaterials-based electronics with biomimetic interfaces has the potential to be utilized in a wide range of medical technologies that require accurate sensing and stimulation with biological matter. This symposium will discuss broad synergies in these respective areas in the context of the emerging field of bioinspired organic electronic materials and devices. Specific device applications will be discussed including photovoltaics, field-effect transistors, memory elements, logic circuits, sensors, energy harvesting, etc. Furthermore, this symposium will explore concepts in large-area and nontraditional fabrication techniques as applied to organic electronic devices. These applications will be united by the integration of bioinspired strategies in materials and device design.

Abstracts are solicited for the following topics:

  • Novel biocompatible and biodegradable small molecules and polymers for organic electronics (substrates, smoothing layers, electrical conductors, dielectrics, semiconductors, encapsulates, etc.)
  • Environmentally friendly organic-electronic devices (i.e., bioFETs, bioLEDs, biophotovoltaics, etc.)
  • Interfacing organic electronics with living tissue
  • Organic-electronic components as tools for bioanalytical sensing
  • Organic-electronic materials for sustainable energy storage and distribution
  • Novel fabrication techniques for large-scale production of sustainable organic electronics

Invited speakers include:

Siegfried Bauer (Johannes Kepler Univ. Linz, Austria), Magnus Berggren (Linköping Univ., Sweden), Christopher Bettinger (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), Todd Coleman (Univ. of California, San Diego), Robert Eisenberg (Rush Univ.), Stephanie Lacour (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland), Rafael Luque (Univ. de Cordoba, Spain), Marc Madou (Univ. of California, Irvine), Aleksandr Noy (Univ. of California, Merced), Fiorenzo Omenetto (Tufts Univ.), Tai Hyun Park (Seoul National Univ., S. Korea), Andrew J. Steckl (Univ. of Cincinnati), Luisa Torsi (Univ. degli Studi Aldo Moro, Italy), Younan Xia (Georgia Inst. of Technology), Feng Yan (Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ., Hong Kong).

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