Elsevier is proud to announce the launch of a new journal, Materials Today: Proceedings

Conference proceedings continue to play an important part in materials science, documenting the research presented at academic meetings. With the launch of this new journal, Materials Today is now able to expand on its remit to share content and connect the materials science community through a new channel. Materials Today: Proceedings offers the materials science community with a fast and flexible route to the publication of research presented at leading scientific conferences spanning the field of materials science, technology and engineering.

"With Elsevier and Materials Today, supporting the new journal, the door is open to a whole host of channels for the dissemination of research presented at conferences,” said Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Stewart Bland. “Materials Today: Proceedings will provide a quick, reliable, and high impact outlet for conference articles, but we'll also be able to offer additional coverage of the conferences via Materials Today – for example, by including selected conference presentations as part of our successful webinar program. It’s about providing conference organizers and delegates with choice, and being able to meet the unique needs of each event."

Materials Today: Proceedings offers open access and traditional subscription based publishing options.

For more information about the journal and to submit a proposal, go to: