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The recent announcement of the 2017 CiteScores reveals that the impact of Materials Today: Proceedings continues to increase. The journal, which is solely dedicated to the publication of conference proceedings, is now celebrating a CiteScore of 0.94, with nearly half a million articles from the journal being downloaded in 2018 alone.

In recognition, the journal has made a selection of the most highly cited articles, freely available to read - see below.

Materials Today: Proceedings provides the materials science community with a fast and flexible route to the publication of research presented at leading scientific conferences spanning the field of materials science, technology and engineering. The journal offers Full Open Access, Hybrid Open Access and traditional Subscription based publishing options; and is indexed in the Web of Science (CPCI) and Scopus.

In addition, the journal is now offering use of Elsevier's editorial platform, "EVISE", to selected conference partners: allowing conference organizers to fully manage the peer review process using the tools developed for Elsevier extended portfolio of titles.

Conference organizers looking for an outlet for proceedings from their conference, are invited to submit a proposal, or contact the journal to discuss the publication of proceedings.

Selected articles

Study on Mechanical Properties of Natural - Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Hybrid Composites: A Review
Sanjay M.R.,Arpitha G.R.,Yogesha B.
Volume 2, Issues 4–5, 2015, Pages 2959-2967

Advanced Aluminium Matrix Composites: The Critical Need of Automotive and Aerospace Engineering Fields
Koli D.K.,Agnihotri G.,Purohit R.
Volume 2, Issues 4–5, 2015, Pages 3032-3041

Thin film and multilayer optics cause structural colors of many insects and birds
Stavenga D.G.
Volume 1, Supplement, 2014, Pages 109-121

Natural helicoidal structures: Morphology, self-assembly and optical properties
Wilts B.D.,Whitney H.M.,Glover B.J.,Steiner U.,Vignolini S.
Volume 1, Supplement, 2014, Pages 177-185

Absence of circular polarisation in reflections of butterfly wing scales with chiral Gyroid structure
Saba M.,Wilts B.D.,Hielscher J.,Schroder-Turk G.E.
Volume 1, Supplement, 2014, Pages 193-208

Heterogeneous Membranes Modified with Nanoparticles of Inorganic Ion-Exchangers for Whey Demineralization
Dzyazko Y.,Rozhdestveskaya L.,Zmievskii Y.,Volfkovich Y.,Sosenkin V.,Nikolskaya N.,Vasilyuk S.,Myronchuk V.,Belyakov V.
Volume 2, Issue 6, 2015, Pages 3864-3873

Influence of Cerium Oxide (CeO2) Nanoparticles on the Structural, Morphological, Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of PVA/PPy Blend Nanocomposites
Mohanapriya M.K.,Deshmukh K.,Ahamed M.,Chidambaram K.,Khadheer Pasha S.K.
Volume 3, Issue 6, 2016, Pages 1864-1873

MnO2-Vertical graphene nanosheets composite electrodes for energy storage devices
Ghosh S.,Gupta B.,Ganesan K.,Das A.,Kamruddin M.,Dash S.,Tyagi A.K.
Volume 3, Issue 6, 2016, Pages 1686-1692

Vapor sensing using a bio-inspired porous silicon photonic crystal
Rasson J.,Poncelet O.,Mouchet S.R.,Deparis O.,Francis L.A.
Volume 4, Issue 4, Part A, 2017, Pages 5006-5012