The Materialism Podcast! - Find it on

The Materials Today family have teamed up with Taylor Sparks and Andrew Falkowski of the Materialism podcast, an exciting and engaging podcast which covers all manner of Materials Science news and research. 

Taylor and Andrew investigate the past, present, and future of materials science and engineering, with topic areas ranging from cutting edge materials technology, to the history & commercialization of different materials and exciting advances in processing and characterization. Each episode includes things like the unlikely discovery of superglue or teflon, the fascinating backstories about modern biomaterials like dialysis filters, and updates on new technologies, including wearable electronics, next generation batteries, and nanomaterials. In short, they hope to help listeners understand the critical role that materials have played in society and even give a glimpse into what the future may hold for new materials. 

You can find the podcast on spotify or indeed hosted right here on in the podcasts tab. Be sure to check it out!