Here at Materials Today, we recently held the first Materials Today Virtual Conference on the Frontiers of Microscopy, with great success. Thank you to everyone that took part,  along with a special thanks to those who submitted posters:

Ademola Ademola Monsur | Nano-imaging approach for evaluation of pretreatments impacts on fish gelatin-material
Albert Minj | Conduction path in nitrides
Andreas Delimitis | Electron microscopy characterization of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiOx thin films
Cédric Barroo | Nonlinear phenomena at the nanoscale: a field emission microscopy analysis
Heinrich Badenhorst | Oxidation mechanisms revealed by high-res SEM
Irina Mirela Apetrei | Nanostructured biosensors in pharmaceutical analysis
Jacobo Martinez Reyes | Spiral solidification of large area fullerene film obtained by microwave oven irradiation
Jacobo Martínez Reyes | Microstructural characterization and conductivity of carbon thin films
Jigang Zhou | Unlocking graphene coupling mystery for extremely high oxygen reduction
Josefina M Silveyra | Magnetic microstructures of finemet ribbons
Josefina M Silveyra | Nanostructure of finemet ribbons
Joshua L Konne | Biopolymer mediated syntheses of perovskite-like nanowires
Liliya Nikolov | In-situ observations of amorphous germanium nucleation and nanocrystallization by dynamic transmission electron microscopy
Manuel Gómez | PFPE-based materials for micro and nano-fabrication of optical components
Maria Angeles Bonet |  How microscopy can improve research about microcapsules applied on textiles
Meiken Falke | Element mapping of coated MWCNTs
Mendel in`t Veld | Scanning tunneling microscopy on mesityl-cobaltporphyrin adsorbed on Cu(110)
Omid Gohardani | Microhardness testing and microscopy on aerospace materials
Ovidiu Nemes | SEM-EDS characterization of bottom ash particles produced from incinerated hazardous waste
Pradip Kar | Electron microscopic characterization of carboxylic acid group functionalized MWCNT doped polyaniline nanocomposite
Quang Chinh Nguyen | Grain boundary sliding as a significant mechanism of low temperature plastic deformation in ECAP aluminum
Robert Cohn | Self-assembled nano-electromechanical system for detecting piconewton forces
Robert Keller | Transmission EBSD for characterization of nanomaterials in the scanning electron microscope
Robert Pullar | Magnetic properties of randomly oriented BaM, SrM, Co2Y, Co2Z and Co2W hexagonal ferrite fibres
Roberto Dante | Carbon nitride graphene
Salomé dos Santos | Dynamic polyelectrolyte-surfactant nanoparticles
Sawanta Mali | CdS quantum dot sensitized TiO2 microspheres photoelectrodes for effective light harvesters
Svetlana von Gratowski | Handling of nanoobjects in focus ion beam microscope using shape memory nanogripper
T. C. Jayaruk | Anti fungal activity of surface modified Mn2+ doped ZnO nanoparticles
Vanessa de Castro | New insights of oxide dispersion strengthened steels for fusion energy
Venkata Krishna Karthik Tangirala | Manufacture of tin oxide Pellets for gas sensing applications
Victor Koledov | Nanogripper as a new accessory for highresolution microscopes
Vitor Sencadas | Local piezoelectric response of a single poly(vinylidene fluoride) electrospun fiber
Vladimir Silantyev |  Morphology and mechanical properties of chitosan–clay nanocomposites of different geometry formed by means of regulated charging of polysaccharide
Vladimir Yu. Kolosov | Novel “transrotational” crystals & structures
Xingzhong Li | Advanced simulation of polycrystalline electron diffraction patterns
Xingzhong Li | Processing and quantification of polycrystalline electron diffraction patterns
Yury Koshtyal | Microstructure of porous Silica modified by titanium (IV) oxide

To find out more about the Materials Today Virtual Conference, you can register here. All the content is now available to view on demand, so head over and explore the conference.