The event will give attendees the chance to explore the laboratory and see first hand some of the amazing research carried out.

NPL is the UK’s measurement institute and a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate standards, science and technology available. Its facilities are amongst the world's most extensive and sophisticated for measurement science.

There will be a variety of laboratories open, showcasing the many ways in which measurement underpins different industries. These include the surface and nanoanalysis facilities and the spectacular reverberation and anechoic chambers, used for measuring sound equipment, where all sound is either absorbed or reflected.

Other laboratories will showcase NPL’s work in a variety of areas including: underwater acoustic noise and its effect on the marine environment; characterisation of antennas up to 110 GHz for applications such as mobile phone network coverage; and the measurement of optical, electrical and thermal properties of LEDs and new light sources, which is vital to the future of this emerging industry.

The lecture theatre will host a programme of short talks ranging from the History of NPL to tasters of the Celebrating Science lectures, a series of lecture presentations on the frontiers of physical measurement.

The open day celebrates World Metrology Day, an annual celebration of how the science of measurement affects our lives.

NPL is the home of the metre, the kilogram and the second. Its work plays a vital part in the modern world, underpinning all aspects of manufacturing and engineering, from planes and buildings to nano materials, from chemotherapy machines to power generation infrastructure.

It also shapes many aspects of out everyday lives which we often take for granted. NPL has measured the lottery balls to ensure they’re the right size and calibrated the coloured tile which determines the shade of ketchup.

NPL also has a rich history in scientific innovation. It is the birthplace of packet switching – the technology of the internet, the place where Turing helped develop the ACE Computer and where the bouncing bomb was tested.

Come along, meet NPL’s scientists and prepare to be amazed at the breath of our work supporting industry. Or stop to discuss how NPL might be able to help your business.

NPL is in based on Hampton Road in Teddington, Middlesex. Doors will be open from 10am until 4pm. Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided. Food will be available to purchase.

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