Elsevier - The Researcher Journey Through a Gender Lens

As part of Elsevier’s ongoing efforts to promote gender diversity and advance gender equity using data and an evidence-based approach, we are preparing a new gender report—The Researcher Journey Through a Gender Lens—which will be released on March 5, 2020. Our latest report will further examine critical issues and performance in research through a gender lens and will include quantitative analyses into new areas and themes and incorporate a qualitative research component:

  • Research participation: Assessing gender diversity among researchers
  • Research footprint: Measuring the research footprint of both genders
  • Career progression & mobility: Assessing author continuity and mobility
  • Collaboration networks: Evaluating collaboration patterns and gender differences
  • Researcher perspectives: Perceptions about gender-related issues in academia

Our intention is to continue to share powerful data-driven insights with governments, funders, and institutions worldwide to inspire evidence-based policy and initiatives and inform further studies. 

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