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Join this fascinating webinar and explore the fundamentals of new energy technologies

Professor Zhong Lin (Z. L.) Wang is the Hightower Chair in Materials Science and Engineering, Regents' Professor, College of Engineering Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Nanostructure Characterization, at Georgia Tech., and the Editor-in-Chief of Nano Energy.

Developing wireless nanodevices and nanosystems is of critical importance for sensing, medical science, environmental/infrastructure monitoring, defense technology and even personal electronics. It is highly desirable for wireless devices to be self-powered without using batteries. Nanogenerators have been developed based on piezoelectric, trioboelectric and pyroelectric effects, aiming at building self-sufficient power sources for micro- and nano-systems. The output of these nanogenerators is now high enough to drive a wireless sensor system or to charge a cell phone battery, and they are becoming a vital technology for sustainable, independent and maintenance free operation of micro- and nano-systems and mobile or portable electronics.

This talk will focus on the fundamentals and novel applications of nanogenerators and will introduce the fundamental science and novel applications of piezotronics in sensors, touch pad technology, functional devices and energy science.

Who should attend?

• Researchers and teaching staff in nanoelectronics, piezotronics and related fields
• Students, post-docs and others with an interest in nanotechnology, energy sources and/or materials science
• Anyone with an interest in new energy technologies

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