The latest educational webinar from Materials Today, µ-XRF – Fast and Sensitive Spatially Resolved Elemental Analysis, in association with Bruker, is less than four weeks away. Don't forget to reserve your place: register now.
This exciting new webinar will introduce Bruker's M4 TORNADO. This high performance μ-XRF spectrometer features the latest technology for fast, highly sensitive, and non-destructive elemental analysis of all elements between sodium and uranium.
The webinar will begin with an explanation of the underlying physical principles of μ-XRF; including capillary optics, the influence of various parameters on spatial resolution and quantification, and the comparison of μ-XRF with other position sensitive analytical methods.
The second part of the webinar will explain the various application examples and will discuss the examination of geological samples, failure analysis and the examination of the homogeneity of plastic standard samples and will finish with questions and answers from our panel of experts.
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