The complex wound repair induced by tumor surgery and infection is still the clinical challenge due to the subsequent tumor recurrence and serious inflammation. Herein, we develop a bioactive Si-Ca-Sr glass-based therapy-regeneration-enabled nanohybrids (BSr@PPE) with hierarchical versatility for overcoming the challenges of tumor and infection-impaired wound repair. BSr@PPE showed a representative concentration-dependent photothermal effect, strong free radical scavenging and antibacterial ability, as well as good UV-shielding properties and high biocompatibility. BSr@PPE could efficiently kill tumor cells through the photothermal effect, show the robust antibacterial activity against normal and multi-drug resistant bacteria and enhance the fibroblasts migration in vitroIn vivo animal experiments suggested that BSr@PPE could effectively promote epithelial reconstruction, collagen deposition and angiogenesis in normal wounds, reduce inflammation and enhance repair in multi-drug bacterial infected wounds, accelerate the tumor-impaired wound through inhibit the tumor cells. This work may provide a new strategy and multifunctional bioactive material for treating the tissue repair and regeneration under the multi-pathological environments.

Hierarchically multifunctional bioactive nanoglass for integrated tumor/infection therapy and impaired wound repair
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2022.01.019