Julie Christodoulou
Julie Christodoulou

The recipient of the 2018 Acta Materialia Inc. Hollomon Award for Materials and Society is Dr. Julie Christodoulou, Director of the Naval Materials Division in the Sea Warfare and Weapons Department of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Arlington, Virginia.

Her role is to drive foundational research in the physical sciences, materials and processing, and environmental quality; and enhanced performance, affordability and reliability derived from this research to the men and women on the “Watch”.  Specifically, Dr. Christodoulou guides materials research and development from the atomic and molecular level to engineered materials systems and platforms; technologies to ensure environmental quality; and early device concepts for power and energy applications.  A unifying theme to the body of work is the development and integration of computational and experimental tools and the protocols to quantify chemical and physical phenomena, accelerate materials implementation, and predict component-level performance.  

Complementing this, she is active in national and international initiatives, including the Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competitiveness, serving on the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee; and the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, by establishing and guiding one of the National Network of Manufacturing Institutes focused on metals for reduced system weight.  Dr. Christodoulou is a leader of the Department of Defense-wide Community of Interest for Materials and Manufacturing Processes and the US lead to the Materials Group of The Technical Collaboration Program, an international collaborative body for defense research and engineering programs.

Dr. Christodoulou holds a BS in metallurgical engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso, an MS in materials science and engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, and a doctorate in materials science at Imperial College, London. Prior to her current position, she has served as a Materials Researcher for Martin Marietta Laboratories and the Naval Research Lab, focusing on the processing-structure-performance relationships of intermetallics and piezoelectric ceramics, and environmental degradation of structural materials, respectively.  She has served as an Associate Director for high-temperature materials at the London International Field office of ONR (now ONR Global) and as an ONR Program Officer for structural metals.  Active in the technical community, she has been recognized with the 2013 Leadership Award by TMS, is an ASM Fellow, and has been honored to present the Materials and Society plenary lecture at MS&T 2016.  She is a recipient of the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Service (2015).

The Acta Materialia Hollomon Award will be presented to Dr. Christodoulou in February 2018 at the TMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.