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Biomaterials news, April 2022

Designing biomolecules for adaptive properties

Spontaneous emergence of complex patterns in mixtures of biomolecules

Sustainable composite gets a grip of shape transformation

natural fiber-reinforced shape memory polymer morphs into different shapes in response to humidity

Using standard rheology tests, researchers have investigated why the cream in an Oreo cookie sticks to just one wafer when it is twisted apart.

Using a 3D printing method, researchers have produced micro-scaffolds that can house a high-density of cells for growing tissue in desired shapes.

Novel water-stable, 2D covalent organic framework nanoparticles can direct the differentiation of human stem cells into bone cells.

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Korean researchers investigate degradation of commercial materials in soil and seawater

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tailored dendrites can be exploited to create hierarchical structures in metal alloys that boost both strength and ductility