Elsevier has announced the launch of a new open access journal: MethodsX.

MethodsX welcomes submissions from all research areas, including materials science, and will publish the small but important customizations you make to methods every day. The journal provides an outlet for technical information that can be useful for others working in the same field, and help them save time in their own research, while giving you the deserved credit for your efforts.

Each short article contains an abstract, a graphical abstract, the method(s) in sufficient detail (including any relevant figures, tables, etc), and at least one reference to the original description of the method being used.

Release the hidden gems from your lab book and get the credit for the time, effort and money you’ve put in to making methods work for you.

For more information on MethodsX, visit the website.

And if you want to have your say about methods and materials sections in regular articles, take part in our survey.