I am pleased to announce some exciting new appointments for the Materialia editorial team. 

Dr. Hang Z. Yu, Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech, joins the editorial board on December 1 as an Editor for Materialia. Professor Yu brings his expertise of solid-state metal additive manufacturing, being recognized as a research pioneer in this field.  Currently his research interests include materials processing and additive manufacturing with special emphasis on the underlying processing physics and materials science and leveraging the unique capabilities of additive manufacturing in multi-scale local control to create materials with previously unattainable degrees of structural complexity and performance superiority. He is a recipient of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Young Faculty Award.


Also new to the Acta Journals team is Dr. Zengbao Jiao, Department of Mechanical Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He joins the editorial board on December 1 as an Associate Editor with Materialia. Professor Jiao’s research interests include physical metallurgy and mechanical behavior of advanced structural materials of ultrahigh-strength steels, high-entropy alloys, high-temperature superalloys, titanium alloys, intermetallics, and nanostructured metals.


See full biography of both appointees: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/materialia/about/editorial-board

Please join me in sending a welcome to our new editors, and congratulations to all!

Dr. Baptiste Gault, Principal Editor, on behalf of the Editorial Board of Materialia