Special Issue: Extracellular Matrix Proteins and Mimics

We are pleased to announce the latest Acta Biomaterialia Special Issue on Extracellular Matrix Proteins and Mimics, guest edited by Katja Schenke-Layland.

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a highly complex cell-secreted biomaterial that gives rise to all tissues and organs of the human body. It is three-dimensionally arranged and is composed of various organ-specific molecules that can be structural and instructional proteins.

Although most of the ECM proteins are well-described and characterized, their organ- or tissue-specific spatio-temporal distribution remains the focus of intense research.Unraveling this mystery will help designing clinically relevant bio-inspired materials and approaches utilizing these materials in order to repair or even replace damaged tissues and organs.

ECM proteins and newly engineered ECM mimics hold great promise for the fields of drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and this special issue provides an overview of the research in the area as well as showcases some of the latest advances.

To celebrate the publication of this special issue we are offering readers promotional access to all articles featured in the issue until 31st May, 2017.

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Yours sincerely,

Joe d’Angelo, Publisher, Acta Biomaterialia