Special Issue: Gradients in Biomaterials

We are pleased to announce the latest Acta Biomaterialia Special Issue on Gradients in Biomaterials, guest edited by Prof. Brendan Harley and Helen Lu.

This special issue of Acta Biomaterialia focuses on the complexity of the ECM through its characterization as well as translation into biomaterial design for cell regulation and tissue regeneration.

Biomolecular gradients of the ECM, both spatial and temporal, can be found in many examples of tissue development, remodeling, and homeostasis (e.g., musculoskeletal insertions, stem cell mobilization, angiogenesis). Gradients are also present in a wide range of pathological conditions (e.g., temporal changes in osteoporosis; matrix gradients at the tumor margins). As a result, gradients can be used to introduce a controlled degree of complexity into a biomaterial and in turn guide cell behavior. The collection of papers assembled in this special issue highlights current efforts at creating biomaterials that contain spatially and/or temporally patterned signals, describes approaches to address challenges regarding characterization of heterogeneous materials, and showcases the exciting application of such biomaterials and approaches to the field of tissue engineering. 

To celebrate the publication of this special issue we are offering readers promotional access to all articles featured in the issue until 23rd September, 2017

To view articles in this special issue, please click here.