High-resolution and high-speed AFM with simultaneous advanced optical microscopy

Want to read more? Here's a paper (free to download) from one of the guest speakers, Dimitar:
Imaging collagen type I fibrillogenesis with high spatiotemporal resolution
Ultramicroscopy, 149 (2015), Pages 86–94.

An Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) scans the surface of a specimen with a very sharp tip mounted to a cantilever, the deflections of which are directly related to the surface nanoscale topography and various other physical properties. AFM has hence a unique ability to analyze and correlate structure and properties of  samples ranging from molecules to complex biological systems in their native environments. Since its inception in the 1980s, AFM has grown to become a key technique for high-resolution structural analysis of areas as diverse as biology and material sciences

This webinar will focus on the application of high-resolution, fast scanning AFM for the characterization of soft matter and biological materials. We will stress how recent advances, such as JPK's fast-scanning NanoWizard® AFM platform, allows for analyzing dynamic systems with high spatial and temporal resolution reaching a few frames per second. We will also further explain how the full integration of AFM with optical microscopes enable correlative microscopy approaches, which allow for gaining unique insights into the samples of interest.

Why should I attend the webinar?

  • Learn about new developments of fast AFM imaging using phase or frequency detection
  • See how fast scanning AFM helps the understanding of dynamic processes with high temporal resolution
  • Find out about the power of combining AFM with advanced optical techniques


Dr. Stefan Kaemmer, General Manager US Operations, JPK Instruments
Dr. Dimitar Stamov, Applications Scientist, JPK Instruments
Dr. Baptiste Gault (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher